Collectors' Comment

1 - Brighton colours and the freedom and expression of the lines, the addition of the small dog also brings fantastic character. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Well done!
4 - It's so interesting. Initially it drew mt attention because it reminded me of M C Escher, its curious - 1st thought it was dancers then rush hour people! Lots to grab attention.
7 - I love the colour! The vibrancy of the colour reminds me of the wonderful vibrancy that is Brighton. It uplifts me, makes me happy and joyful.
36 - Beautiful Butterfly's
66 - It looks like the Totoro Bridge
68 - I like the colours
97 - Beautiful colours & I'm a big fan of seed case/flower motifs.
100 - because i like them very much and ther very funny
107 - Its so Beautiful
110 - It is a lovely composition - the colours, the style of this piece of art.
142 - I actually don't know what attracted my attention about this one - but it's just so Beautiful!
158 - Very rude!
161 - Beautiful striking design and colours
162 - I Love the puffins
205 - I just love the colour combinations.
226 - I Like the words
229 - He's 'THE MAN'!
260 - I like dogs. This is a great dog!
271 - I just really like these kind of water-colour pictures.
294 - I like the stripyness
304 - Thank you for providing such a lovely medium for my daughter to show her creativeness. Also thank you to Miss Browne for organising the children to develop and post their designs.
Granny and Grandpa and Grandma and Grandad who all live in Brighton and Hove, respectively rushed down to race for the magnet. Grandma and Grandad won and have posted it to Rebecca along with some of her friend’s magnets as we knew that very few families from Doncaster would get to Brighton!
We have all enjoyed the experience, so thank you
347 - couldn't resist the combination of leaves and a cheeky little creature.
356 - memories of Brighton
376 - because it made me laugh...not sure who made it though.
393 - I wanted it immediately - lucky i found it.
443 - Looks like a photo I would take! Good skills.
457 - I was intrigued by the curling bark, it reminded me of an inside-out plaster cast.
475 - It looks shiny
495 - 1973, Pink Floyd, Wish you were here. Love it.
503 - Just cos I liked it.
516 - because i like them very much and ther very funny
518 - because i like them very much and ther very funny