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Brighton Open 2011

We've stopped accepting entries for this show. Please drop me an email and I'll put you on our mailing list so I can tell you about the next adventure. Alban

If you would like to submit work for Brighton Open 2011 this is what you need to do - Its FREE to enter

Where do I send it?
Send up to 2 Jpegs/photos of your work to before the deadline of  Friday 1st April 2011 (Midnight). The images needs to be in a 4:3 ratio (so any variation of 8cm x 6cm, 12cm x 9cm etc). Include your name, the title of the image/work and a street address (so that we can send you a magnet back). If you have a website address send me that too, and I'll link our site to yours.

The work will then be turned into a magnet measuring 5cm by 6.68cm.

If you do not want to send it electronically then send me the flat physical work and I'll scan it myself (no bigger than A4). Drop me an email to get my home address.

How many will be printed?
We will print 2 copies of your image. The first will be sent to you, to say thank you for being involved.
The second will be exhibited on the streets of Brighton from 7th May 2011 onwards. Each magnet will have a serial/exhibition number on it, the Brighton Open website address and our sponsors 'Tooveys' web address.
Will my work be selected?
Yes. This is an artist run exhibition that aims to include at least one work by each artist. We do try to be totally inclusive but we reserve the right to reject any work that may be offensive/inappropriate. We have funding for 500 magnets and will include artists on a first come, first served basis. We would love you to be involved, please give it a go!

See you in Brighton!

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